How to check hours on UPSers?

Checking your hours on might not be universally available, but here are some methods to explore depending on your situation:

Checking Timecard on (if available):

  1. Log in to Open your web browser and navigate to Enter your Employee ID and PIN to log in.

  2. Locate the Timecard Section: Look for a section dedicated to viewing your timecard. This section might be labeled “Timecard,” “Work Hours,” “My Schedule,” or something similar. The exact location can vary based on the layout of the homepage for your specific role or location.

  • Search Function: If you can’t readily find the timecard section, try using the search function on the website. Search for keywords like “timecard,” “work hours,” or “schedule.”
  1. View Your Timecard (if available): If a timecard section exists on, you should be able to view details like your clocked hours, breaks, and potentially pay period information.

Alternative Methods:

  • Contact Your Supervisor or HR: If you can’t find your timecard on, it’s possible your timekeeping is handled through a different system. Reach out to your supervisor or the Human Resources (HR) department at your UPS location for guidance on how to access your timecard information.

  • Paper Timecards: In some cases, UPS facilities might still utilize paper timesheets. If this applies to you, you’d likely receive a physical copy of your timecard or have a designated location to access them within your workplace.

Additional Tips:

  • The Help & Support section on might offer information on how to view your timecard if it’s accessible through the portal.
  • If you have concerns about the accuracy of your timecard, contact your supervisor or HR department to discuss any discrepancies.

Remember: The availability of viewing your timecard directly on might vary depending on your location and role. If you’re unsure about the process for checking your hours, don’t hesitate to reach out to your supervisor or HR for clarification.