When will UPSers get retro pay?

Unfortunately, I cannot provide specific information about upcoming retro pay for UPSers since retro pay is typically tied to contract negotiations. However, I can offer some general insights and resources that might be helpful:

  • Past Agreements: If you’re curious about retro pay associated with past contracts, you can try searching online for news articles or resources related to the most recent UPS Teamsters contract negotiations. These articles might mention details about retro pay, including the timeframe for receiving it.

  • Teamsters Resources: The Teamsters Union website or local chapters might have information about past contracts and any retro pay provisions. You can find the Teamsters website here: https://teamster.org/

  • Contacting Your Union Representative: If you’re a Teamster member, contacting your local union representative is a reliable way to get the most up-to-date information on potential upcoming retro pay or the details of past retro payments.

  • UPS Internal Resources: Some UPS facilities might have internal communication channels or resources where they announce information about retro pay for their employees. Check with your supervisor, HR department, or any company notice boards for any relevant announcements.

Here’s a quick summary:

  • Specific retro pay information depends on the details of the most recent UPS contract.
  • Past contract details and news articles might provide clues about past retro pay.
  • Teamsters resources or your union representative can offer insights on potential upcoming retro payments.
  • Internal UPS communication channels at your workplace might announce retro pay details.