How do I view my UPS paycheck?

How do I view my UPS paycheck?

Here’s how to view your most recent UPS paycheck electronically:


  1. Navigate to Open a web browser and visit the official website at
  2. Secure Login: Enter your valid UPS employee ID and password to securely log in to the portal.
  3. Locate Pay Stub Information: Once logged in, navigate to the section dedicated to payroll or compensation. This section might be labeled as “Pay,” “Paystubs,” “Earnings,” or something similar. The specific navigation path may vary slightly depending on the current interface of
  4. Viewing Pay Stubs: Within the payroll section, you should be able to view your most recent pay stubs electronically in a designated viewing area.

Additional Considerations:

  • Available Pay Stubs: You’ll likely have access to a history of your most recent pay stubs electronically. The exact timeframe available for viewing past pay stubs may depend on UPS’s internal policies.
  • Printing (Optional): might offer the option to print your pay stub information directly from the website if needed for your records.
  • No Downloadable PDFs: Currently, UPS doesn’t offer downloadable PDFs of pay stubs. All viewing and potentially printing happen within the platform.

If you encounter difficulties:

  • Contacting HR: If you have any trouble accessing your pay stubs through, you can contact your local UPS Human Resources department for assistance. They can guide you through the process or provide alternative methods for accessing your pay information, if available.

Key Points:

  • View pay stubs electronically on a secure platform.
  • Might have the option to print directly from
  • Contact HR for further assistance if needed.

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