How do I find my UPS Employee ID?

UPS Employee ID

Here are a few ways to find your UPS employee ID:

  1. Paystub: Your employee ID number is typically printed on your paystub. It might be located on the top section of the paystub along with your name and other basic information.

  2. Benefits Enrollment Materials: If you have any documents related to your benefits enrollment, your employee ID number might be included on those documents as well.

  3. Company Badge/ID Card: Many UPS employees wear company badges or carry ID cards. These badges or cards often display your employee ID number alongside your name and photo.

  4. Supervisor or HR Department: If you’re unable to locate your employee ID number through the methods mentioned above, your supervisor or the HR department can assist you in retrieving this information. They might have access to an employee directory or database where your employee ID is readily available.

Here are some additional tips:

  • Remember the format: Your UPS employee ID number might follow a specific format (e.g., a combination of letters and numbers). If you have a general idea of the format, it might help you recall your employee ID number more easily.
  • Check your email: In some instances, your employee ID number might have been included in your initial welcome email or other onboarding documents sent via email by UPS.

By trying these methods, you should be able to locate your UPS employee ID number. It’s important to remember your employee ID number for various purposes, such as logging in to the UPS Employee Login portal or the UPSers app (if applicable).

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